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BlackBerry video - interesting and informative video's from the world of BlackBerry

Around the web there are 100's of excellent BlackBerry resources, guides, reviews and just generally good stuff on video. This section of the site lists a number that are felt to be of value.

BlackBerry Torch video's

Watch blackberry storm video Torch 9800 - Introducing the Torch 9800 - BlackBerry
A brief look at some of the new aspects of BlackBerry OS 6 - it's fluidity and some of the new image functionality, plus a good look at the form/function of the slide aspect of this latest BlackBerry handset, yet still with a full QWERTY keyboard beneath the larger touch screen. Very nice indeed.

Watch blackberry storm video Love what you do BlackBerry Torch 9800 commercial
A 60 second BlackBerry Torch overview from AT&T/BlackBerry, looking at specific real life applications/case studies and with a significant bias towards professionals/business use. See the BlackBerry Torch in the hands of a Courier, who demonstrates the ease of use of this latest BlackBerry handset.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Torch launch party - LA
In true BlackBerry style, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 slide phone was launched to the worlds press and media on the 14th August 2010. The full red carpet treatment was laid on for a long list of celebrity names from sport, music and show businesses, many offering their personal views on the lastest BlackBerry handset.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Torch review | Fritz Nelson, InformationWeek
BlackBerry's Torch is on fire says Fritz Nelson, VP at Information Week and in this short video he overviews the key points of this new BlackBerry handset and whilst with AT&T, this would apply in functionality to any BlackBerry Torch.

Watch blackberry storm video How to use the BlackBerry Torch pop-up menu
A great help/support video, looking at the pop-up functions withing BlackBerry OS 6 and in particular, how these work on the BlackBerry Torch. In addition to the normal BlackBerry trackpad and keys, the BlackBerry Torch has a variety of new pop-up windows that can be accessed via the touch screen.

Watch blackberry storm video How to use the BlackBerry Torch pictures application
A short video overview of how to use the BlackBerry Torch/BlackBerry OS 6 pictures application. In particular, how to organise, view and share pictures with the OS 6/Torch pictures application.

Watch blackberry storm video How to use BlackBerry Torch/BlackBerry 6.0 Global Search
'Global Search' is one of the excellent new tools within BlackBerry 6.0 and on the new BlackBerry Torch. It is a powerful search tool' allowing the user to search all files and messages within their handset, including the ability to search social feeds and to extend this search to the Internet.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Torch camera application - how to use it
Taking pictures with the new BlackBerry Torch using BlackBerry OS 6.0 - how to use the camera icon; how to use the camera convenience button; how to use the BlackBerry camera flash...and more.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Torch - how to use tabbed web browser and shortcut icons
One of the most significant enhancements with the BlackBerry Torch and the BlackBerry 6.0 OS is tabbed browsing and a greatly improved web browsing experience - faster, more intuitive and with a significantly better screen.

Watch blackberry storm video How to navigate/interact with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 slide phone
Most BlackBerry users love their full QWERTY keyboard and could never move to a pure touch screen, BlackBerry or otherwise. Similarly, many pur touch screen smartphone users, miss the functionality of a keypad of any kind.

Watch blackberry storm video How to use the BlackBerry Torch calendar and contacts application
For business/professional users (and perhaps most folk), one of the most important and commonly used BlackBerry applications is contacts and calendar. These along with BlackBerry email have always been a very strong point for BlackBerry.

Watch blackberry storm video How to set up personal email on BlackBerry Torch | BlackBerry 6.0
The big one - BlackBerry email - always one of the key strengths of BlackBerry: BlackBerry 'push' email and with the launch of BlackBerry 6.0, this remains as strong an application as ever, but with some key enhancements via BlackBerry 6.0.

Watch blackberry storm video How to set up your BlackBerry Torch - BlackBerry 6.0 set-up application
With the launch of BlackBerry 6.0 and the BlackBerry Torch, handset set-up has become easier and more intuitive than ever. This video walks through the basics of the BlackBerry 6.0 set-up application, with a bias towards the functionality of the BlackBerry Torch.

BlackBerry Storm (9500) Video's

Watch blackberry storm video Blackberry Storm vs iPhone - comparing the BlackBerry Storm & Apple iPhone 3G
It was perhaps inevitable that Research in Motion would release a touch-screen contender for the iPhone. The RIM BlackBerry Storm that was launched to the UK in November 2008 exclusively with Vodafone.

Watch blackberry storm video How to use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500
A useful user guide from Vodafone, covering all aspects of the BlackBerry Storm web browser - how to surf the new, select url's, use the landscape and portrait functions etc.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Storm review - Jason Bradbury independently reviews the BlackBerry Storm
Another great independent scrutiny with Jason Bradbury's BlackBerry Storm review and in this installment, focused reviews of the BlackBerry Storm's multimedia abilities.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Storm applications - download & applications video user guide
A 'How to' guide demonstrating where and how applications can be downloaded when using the Blackberry Storm 9500 from Vodafone.

Watch blackberry storm video BlackBerry Storm user guide - video based user manual from Vodafone
A 'How to' guide from Vodafone covering the touch screen, icons, text messaging, qwerty keyboard, traditional keyboards, profile changes and security. A great BlackBerry Storm video manual / user guide.

Watch blackberry video Vodafone release BlackBerry Storm in the UK - BlackBerry Storm release date
Vodafone UK releases exclusive BlackBerry Storm - Ian Shepherd, Vodafone UK consumer director, introduces the BlackBerry Storm and release date by Vodafone and Research in Motion.

Watch blackberry storm video Vodafone advert - no mention of Blackberry storm price or how much the Storm will cost
Vodafone BlackBerry Storm advert from Vodafone for the BlackBerry Storm that's coming out next month (November 2008). BlackBerry Storm price not yet known and there is no mention of pricing in this advert, which talks about the power to touch.

Watch blackberry video Vodafone sponsored video of the new BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphone
Fantastic Vodafone sponsored video of the new BlackBerry Storm 9500 mobile phone - showing the best views yet of key features in action such as web browsing, camera , email, instant messaging, GPS maps and video.

Watch blackberry video Incredible power in your hands - watch the official BlackBerry Storm / Vodafone advert
Upbeat, high energy overview of the BlackBerry Storm. This is the official corporate launch video as used by Vodafone and other exclusive BlackBerry Storm providers.

Watch blackberry video Frank H Rovekamp, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Group - discusses the BlackBerry Storm
Rrank H Rovekamp, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Group - discusses the launch of the BlackBerry Storm in the UK. First smartphone in the world to have a touch screen with pushable buttons.

Watch blackberry video Lewis Hamilton discusses the BlackBerry Storm - one of the coolest things out!
Lewis Hamilton is excited about his BlackBerry Storm - his whole life is on it. He talks about a life spent travelling and of the benefits of being able to keep in touch.

Watch blackberry video A great BlackBerry Storm review - MSN Messenger, Facebook etc
A great BlackBerry Storm review from, covering all the key features of this great smartphone and including mention of Flickr, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Office applications.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Storm - independent review of clickable screen - Jason Bradbury
Independent review by Jason Bradbury, discussing the 'clickable' touch screen BlackBerry Storm the world's first high-speed, 3G, touch-screen BlackBerry - HSDPA (high speed download packet access) - this means blistering speeds for web browsing.

BlackBerry Bold Video's

Watch blackberry video The Krakow Experience - Research in Motion unveils its new Blackberry Bold 9000
Research in Motion unveils its new Blackberry Bold 9000 today on The Krakow Experience. Discussing BlackBerry focus groups and how the name BlackBerry Bold came about. Features some superb pictures of the BlackBerry Bold.

Watch blackberry video Carphone Warehouse overview of the BlackBerry Bold 9700
It seems that everyone is getting in on the mobile phone review wagon and whilst many are recorded 'as is' this Bold 9700 review from the Carphone Warehouse is fairly polished and professional.

Watch blackberry video White BlackBerry Bold 9700
It seems that custom coloured BlackBerry handsets are in hot demand. The BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve have been the main recipients of colour make-over, with different colours often offered exclusively via specific networks.

Watch blackberry video Plain talking review of BlackBerry Bold 9700 - like it!
At last...a good English review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, this one from James @ sure who he is, but this really is a fantastic review, not just for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, but for BlacKberry functionality in general.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Bold 9700 review & look at the new trackpad
Another good review from TechnoBuffalo, with reference to the new trackpad versus the old trackball, along with a useful review of the new reduced size QWERTY keyboard. Also useful reference to the power of BlackBerry email and how it continues to win over other smartphones, including the Apple iPhone.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Bold 9700 launch party in Singapore
With the usual BlackBerry corporate style, this video highlights the happenings at the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Singapore launch party. A little shorter than usual (just a minute), but with no shortage of sparkle. “BlackBerry smartphones have increasingly become the social networking device of choice”.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs. the BlackBery Bold 9000
Since launch, the original BlackBerry Bold 9000 was very popular, both with business and domestic users. Despite it's popularity, there were however some minor issues with the Bold 9000 - size, weight and battery life being the main ones.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Bold 9700 - official promotional video
Unusually, very few promotional/commercial video's are available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Normally the BlackBerry channel at youtube would feature several, yet this is the only one that we could find...particularly odd given the rave reviews that this handset has recieved...the best BlackBerry ever, being the common theme.

BlackBerry Curve Video's

Watch blackberry video Ryan Seacrest, host of TV's most-watched show admits to BlackBerry addiction
Ryan Seacrest, host of TV's most-watched show, American Idol, admits on CNN's Larry King Live that he has a bad case of BlackBerry addiction. Ryan Seacrest indicates a state of panic when not looking at his BlackBerry for 15 minutes..."these things are addictive", he says.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry Curve launch party - celebrity interviews and BlackBerry Curve endorsements
The stars and celebrities come out for the official BlackBerry Curve launch party - interviews with Eva Longoria, Katharine McPhee, Mario Lopez, Maria Menounos and other.

BlackBerry 8800 Video's

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry 8800 - official Research In Motion BlackBerry 8800 overview
This is a great video overview / advert, showing all the key features of the popular BlackBerry 8800 business smartphone.

Watch blackberry video BlackBerry 8800 - a stylish way to get things done - BlackBerry 8800 review
Very good Tiger TV review of the BlackBerry 8800 - the BlackBerry 8800 is packed with incredible new features, such as GPS, BlackBerry Maps, a multi-media player, expandable memory, Voice-Activated Dialing and the trackball navigation.

BlackBerry Pearl Video's

BlackBerry providers in the UK include O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone & Utility Warehouse BlackBerry Providers: T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2

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