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Whilst every BlackBerry handset is delivered with a basic mains and usb charger, there are a great variety of other chargers, power stations, charging pods and power cradles on the market. The best ones are generally those that offer full BlackBerry functionality whilst both syncing and charging. And amongst those, the BlackBerry genuine chargers are the best and most worthwhile investment. In particular, the chargers that also charge a users spare BlackBerry battery are the most popular - these tend to be the power stations. Most users experience is that the purchase of one of these multi-functional chargers is worthwhile.

No matter which charger or BlackBerry smartphone, you will find the BlackBerry charger that you need here. We provide listings of competitively priced in-car chargers, wall chargers, home chargers, along with BlackBerry car holder / charger kits, mains chargers, BlackBerry USB chargers and BlackBerry desktop charger stands. Please see below for the latest charger listings.

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