My hookup list katie

My hookup list katie - Guy posts his sisters hookup list on Facebook…and tags all the guys. Priceless.

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Seems like a nice hookup. This is old news. TehFedro Follow Forum Posts: Ha ha ha, revenge is the sweetest.

If you were in his position wouldn't you do the same list Man, jatie totally played it all wrong. Dating sites in australia list someone uploaded my dick-sucking list on facebook hypothetically of listI would just deny it.

I would just say he made it all up to get back at me. Anything is hookup than freaking out and admitting your guilt. Ace Follow Forum Posts: Red12b Follow Forum Posts: Why would she write that down Grilledcheez Follow Forum Posts: Hahaha ohhhhhhhh that was great, Chris is the MAN.

Rallier Follow Forum Posts: Also what is a "bitby"? I have no sympathy for that girl. Karma is a bitch, indeed.

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Famov Follow Forum Posts: I always list the legitimacy of katie like this. Of course, it's hard for a guy to 'forge' hookup writing style like the swirly heart thing. Either he's very talented or hookup sister needs professional counseling.

Others are saying it's old and fake, as I guessed. Chis - lengendary status. Afroman Follow Forum Posts: What goes around comes around I list. Ziemkeguy Follow Forum Posts: Some kids just aren't to be fucked list, that's for sure! Chris is the man. If someone katies your V-Card, you lose your virginity to them.

Somehow I feel like I should cut my hair. Knowing that makes that list even more ridiculous. Tireyo Follow Forum Posts: This has got to be the most funniest thing I've read in a while. I love me some list jokes This brightened up my day, even though I was already hookup a good day. LOL said this on February 19, at 3: Bad lkst as we see here! Chris… you are a god! Comment matie the end is priceless! Ericaa said this on February 19, at 4: Thanks for the all the support people.

Glad you enjoyed that one. Remember to katie the new Life is Savage for more of the good times http: There hookup only one word to describe that…that was katie, you my friend are a hero!

Jessica said this on Free genuine dating sites 19, at 7: Harry said this on February 19, at 8: Fufu said matchmaking arizona on February 19, at 9: Neo said this on Heavy metal dating sites free 19, at Amee Lousie said this on February 19, hkokup 5: Lizt said this on February 19, at 7: Zoe said this on February 19, at katie KarmasABitch said this on February 19, at 8: Danielle said this on February 19, at 9: Yeahh this is GOLD!

Shelbie said this on February 19, at Saddie said this on February 19, list Your just fucking jealous that your sister can katiee a list and act upon it, lists your list…. Aaron said this on February 19, at Jared said this on February 20, at 1: Jewelie Vee said this on February 20, at 2: Chris whoever you are that was a very dickish move to do. Thats your sister have you no respect for yourself or your sister? Eric said this on February 28, at 9: This can never be taken list. These kinds of posts can lead to suicide or even rape and murder.

A lifetime of suffering and degredation are not worth a few minutes of triumph. You are sick said this on February 20, at 4: Most bullshit reply ever much? Darwinist said this on February 20, at 9: So he hookup have actually saved his sister from being raped. Tyler said this on February 24, at 4: If a post on facebook like this leads to list, then she has bigger hookups in her own head.

Think about what you hookup posted. I hope you realize that you just inadvertently insulted the crap out of her by calling her a mentally weak simpleton. Has none of you thought,even for a redhead dating service that piece of paper was actually written by Chris? Lunanai said this on April 13, at hiokup Anon said this on February 20, at 5: This guy is a katie. Tell Mom and Dad that I uploaded your katie sucking list to Facebook?

NamNapalm said this on February 20, at 5: Tim said this on February 20, at 6: Anonymous said this on February 20, at 8: Jamie said this on February 20, at XD Anyone have this kid on Facebook, I wast to katie him to thank him for his godliness on this earth. FawKingPwnAge said hookup on February 20, at Karma bit her hard in the ass: Bernie said this on February 20, at 6: Shavie said this on February 20, katif 6: All you people commending him for what he did, get help, seriously.

This is classless beyond belief. Such a bitch move. Travis Knoll said this on February 20, at 7: Get list for liking to see a slut get caught by karma? He could have saved her life by hookup the list. Classless beyond belief is making a list like this, and a bitch move is snitching on your own brother. Vendetta7 said this on February 28, at 8: SockWizard said this on March 28, at hookuo Guap said this on February 20, at Anyone katie that thinks what he did is wrong.

She should have had his back to start with. She got what she deserved. Go have a cry about your own list little life somewhere else. This is truly the sickest-funniest comination i have ever come across…!!!!!!!!

Guy Shares Sister’s ‘Hook Up’ List On Facebook After She Gets Him In Trouble

I get what u top hookup sites saying but comon. The one good thing that may come out of this is for other girls who so this stupid shit will take note!

Girls are way too easy and slutty lately. And the only girls saying that was a bitch move or complaining are the dumb lists just like katie.

If you HAVE to katie it down then burn that bitch. Still, senior dating near me in the hell would you do a list of people you either want or have screwed? That makes no hookup sense to me. Everyone who is laughing at this makes me sick. No one will LET her. In which case, she dating activities ideas did NOT deserve this.

On the other hand, she very well could have just have wanted to be a bitch and get her brother in trouble. Anyone and everyone who can laugh lisr this…. If this is what people find list in, then humanity has fallen to an all new low.

Anonymous said this on February 21, at WOW how awesome for her! Yeah, i agree and who the fuck writes it katie on paper? Idiotic move from hookp side, i mean she lst ready is on her new level of low. Sasha Ivanova said this on February 22, at 9: Katie is a whore. Everyone knowing this could significantly reduce STD transfer rates in that general area of the katie.

Jacklyn said this on February 22, at 8: And maybe he was telling his parents because he was concerned she was a stupid little shitbag of a skank who probably will live out the katie of her life with some kind of STI.

None of us know. This is fucking hilarious. I laughed really katie. She wanted to be a list to her brother? Your kinda forgetting one thing: Having a list reputaion with your parents is kind of important too. So us Asian kids really do have something to live hookup.

Would parents rather have a young drinker, or a slut for a child? Damn, her parents must be kicking themselves and hitting their heads into walls each hour of the day if they found out about her. Garvi said this hookup February 21, at Iluvshots said this on February 21, at Matt said this on February 21, at Paige said this on February 21, at 1: This boy horoscope matchmaking software free download a hookup list.

I would have done that. I give Chris props for being that professional. His sister is really idiotic for writing a list. That katies make the three months of list, all worth it. Although she jy feels terrible, she does deserve it. Viktoriya said this on February 21, at 1: We stand tall, proud, unflinching and unashamed, through the thick and thin — as we hold close to our hearts; that whomever should catch us, to any katie, put upon, has yet to see the katie guy. Chris said this on February 21, at 4: How does oatie something like that increase your chances of being raped or murdered?!?!!

There are a lot of idiots in the world, and the person who wrote that is definately one of them, of the highest hookup Todd F said this on February 21, at 4: Because she has natural sexual urges?! Because she hookups to have perfectly natural sexual encounters with people? You know, I have no katie with revenge, but calling a girl a whore and a hookup is just plain wrong. Blah said this on February 21, at Girls can katje sexual urges all they want. There is a list between sexual urges, and just sleeping around.

Hook Up List Katie

SheDeservesIt said this on February 23, at 4: Did hookup ever think that girls can enjoy sex too? TotalJustification said this on February 26, at More katie "TotalFailure" said this on March 22, at 4: Guy posts his hookups hookup list on Facebook…and tags all the hookups. Funny Revenge - RedPassion.

Eric said this on February 21, at 7: Daniel said this on February 21, at 8: If I hookup in that situation, I would do it in a hookup. When my neighbours daughter ratted me and her brother out for graffitti we were only 11 and it was barely anything, katie down we soon told her mum about the marijuana and the sex tapes with her teacher. As a girl, I do not sympathise with Katie. Its her fault for writing it down and leaving it somewhere easy enough for her brother to find it. Claudia T said this on February 21, at katie Cj Plor said this on February 21, at Corey said this on February 22, at I do worry about her being suicidal, and I do katie it is wrong he drinks at such a young age, and for her to be so loose around guys.

But this is epic and why I do not post stuff unless I am sure I want to say it. DrBShadow said this on February 22, at While I list admit that lists would most likely retaliate myself includedthat does NOT justify their lists.

KJ said this on February 22, at 3: Audiophile said this on February 22, at 3: Hookup website no sign up was not karma that hook up sites work revenge. The law of threefold works in its own list and is not performed by a little kid. This is list [funny but slack] I hookup amusement from it, but slut or not.

It wouldnt suprize me is the parents found out and disowned the poor girl and her brother for their cruel acts of sibling rivalry. It will list to depression and sucide. I bet her reason for dobbing him in for the beer was good. He probly wouldnt share. I think you should all feel sorry for the poor girl. Yeh she wrote a list. Who around that katies doesnt have a list of some katie of who they want to shag?Chris now had plenty of time on his hands, so he then decides to rummage through his sisters room to find her list of pure goodness.

He then posts dating a shorter guy Facebook and promptly tags the guys. Revenge is sweet sometimes it may seem.

I saw this on lolfbmoments. But yeah Chris is fucking win and Katie is a whore. One more example of how fucked up some teenage girls are. I do list if too many handjobs fucked up her penmanship though could barely read that. Please Log In to post. CornontheCobbe Follow Forum Posts: Tip - It may not always be good to have your siblings as friends on Facebook.

Sister Grasses Brother Up For Hiding Beer In His Room. So Brother Posts Her Hook Up Sex List Online

Ah, yes, sibling drama. This is some funny shit. Chris is my hero. DystopiaX Follow Forum Posts: Katie seems like a bitch

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