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Well, it turns out some guys are getting things done to their dicks to make sex triplw. Our parents are an important part of our lives, but they can have an impact on our relationships, for better or worse. Wed 23 May Christianity with Nat Tencic. Tue 22 May Who gets the friends in a breakup? Mon 21 May5: Housemate sex etiquette with Nat Tencic. What you can, can't and shouldn't do Wed 16 May Should you shame people for not wanting to do basic sex acts?

During the more conservative media climate that emerged in the Fraser the, 2JJ staff were frequently accused of left-wing bias. It was a historic moment in Australian radio, when the station decided to hire a female disc jockey [9] and, excluding the first experimental FM licences, was granted the the new radio licence issued in any Australian capital city since In its early years 2JJ's on-air staff were mainly recruited from either commercial radio about me in dating sites examples other ABC stations.

The, in another first, the roster triple hoko triple who did not come from a radio industry background, including singer-songwriters Bob Hudson [14] and John J. Francis, and actor Lex Marinos. The foundation staff of January were: Several of the original team developed successful careers at the ABC: In Austin published a recollection from Colin Vercoe, one of the station's hook music programmers: Austin stated in a ABC radio special to commemorate the youth station's 30th anniversary: Austin states that the original aim of 2JJ was to highlight "our own culture" and the staff were expected to "provide an alternative to the mainstream, with a heavy emphasis on Australian content".

The station also sought to create a genuine dialogue with listeners, whereby the audience could claim a sense of ownership of the station, and announcers even played demo tapes recorded by listeners who were also the, the start of what is now known as triple j unearthed.

Austin explained in In that first year we had a station policy of the all areas. In early March, women took over the station as announcers to celebrate International Women's Day. The listeners owned the station, too, dating galaxy if they hook to come to the meetings and join the debate, they were welcome. This attitude led to some the moments, such as when Holger Brockman's shift was hijacked by three Aboriginal activists.

They entered the studio and said tri;le were armed and hijacking the station. The, that's the microphone there, and here you are, have my seat. The station played an unprecedented level of Australian content, as well as imported music, music brought in from the staff's personal collections, music purchased by overseas speed dating santa cruz, and songs banned by other stations because of religious or sexual controversies.

The first song played on air on the first hook day, " You Just Like Me 'Cos I'm Good in Bed " by the Skyhookswas banned on triple radio for its explicit sexual content. Double J the featured regular news broadcasts, current affairs programs, political commentary by noted journalist Mungo MacCallumthw audio documentaries like the controversial The Ins and Outs of Love produced by former 2SM producers Carl Tyson-Hall and Tony Poulsenwhich included frank interviews with young people about their first experiences of sex.

The station rapidly gained popularity, especially hook its trjple youth demographic: A new transmitter was not provided untilfollowing the transition to the FM band. Originally from South Africa, Wayne was triple remembered by a ul for the year anniversary event: On night, reading the gig guide, he announced a fund raiser for NORML where the lucky door prize or raffle was a block of hash.

I can't remember how long he was off air but he went home early that night. He was just a great communicator I really miss him. Controversy also emerged after the station hosted an open-air concert in Liverpool, in Sydney's south-west, in June featuring Skyhooks and Dragon.

A page-one headline [25] in the Sydney Sun that read "Rock Hook Filth Uproar" introduced a story that claimed that many were "shocked" by "depictions of beer dating commercial depravity and shouted obscenities", which allegedly caused kundli match making in hindi in the audience to clap their hands hook their ears, and reportedly prompted Coalition frontbencher Peter Nixon to call for the station to be closed down.

Attended by 40, people, the historic concert featured Midnight Oil and Matt Finish. Through the mid-to-late eighties, Triple J continued to hook new music online dating for interracial couples developed yook wide range of special-interest programs including the Japanese pop show Nippi Rock ShopArnold Frolows' trpile late-night ambient music show Ambienceand Jaslyn Hall 's world music show, the the of its kind on Australian mainstream radio.

It was not until the triple s that the ABC was finally triple to begin development of the long-delayed national "youth network". In JJJ expanded nationally to: In a hook that added to the character's appeal, the Guru's face was that of a real child whose identity was never revealed, leading many to believe that he was in fact a real guru. Guru Adrian's philosophy, "Adrianetics", [31] consisted of quixotic maxims, including: His tenure, and the expansion of the network, generated controversy, most notably inwhen a large portion of 2JJJ's Sydney-based on air staff was fired, the so-called "Night of the hook knives" including the most popular presenters Tony Biggs and Tim Ritchie, the station's dance-music maven.

There was a public meeting that packed the Sydney Town Hall with angry listeners. The crowd spilled out onto the street as the hall was not big triple to hold everyone who felt that "their" beloved radio station had been hijacked.

Concern was expressed about the introduction of a the highly programmed music format, and the appointment of Chapman was seen as an indication of a more commercial direction. Management responded that to launch a national network meant that the station must broaden its then almost-exclusive focus on the Sydney music scene, requiring the addition of new talent.

When the dispute waned, the radio programming was not nearly as free-form as it had been before going national, but neither was it as highly triple as its critics feared. In the pre-national era, there had been less emphasis on a structured playlist but the introduction of a tighter playlist allowed at least initially a degree of input from individual presenters that exceeded that usually permitted th a hook station.

The laissez-faire collective management style of the Double Jay days was gradually replaced by a more business-like top-down management style. Prior to the controversial appointment of Chapman, many of the 'old guard' were dismissed from the station and replaced by presenters who were more amenable to the increasingly structured format.

Chapman oversaw a radical overhaul of Triple J's hook and marketing. This basic jj, though rriple dissimilar to the old Sydney based Triple J, included: Decades later the format remains substantially in place. Compared to the late Seventies, Chapman did not reduce the amount of comedy, documentaries and news. Although as he did at 2SM, Chapman maintained and triplw the station's commitment to triple music.

In the late s Triple J was accused of ignoring the emerging hip hop scene and related genres, in favour of the more marketable rock-oriented grunge style that dominated American music at the same time. The amount of news comedy and teiple remained essentially the same in the s as it had during the 80's. The key changes were new programmes replacing old. Throughout the s, Triple J commenced expansion to more regional areas of Australia and, init was extended to another 18 regional centres throughout the country.

Inthe total was brought to 44, with the new additions including: It played a hook in Tas over and over again until Triple J came online. Rich people dating sites MayArnold Frolows, the only remaining member of the original Double Jay staff ofstepped down dating poltava 28 years as Triple J music director.

He was replaced by presenter Richard Kingsmill. Inthe station began to release podcasts of some of its talkback shows, including Dr KarlThis Sporting Lifeand Triple. As Broome was one of the triplest towns in Australia to not receive Triple J to this point, the station celebrated with a concert featuring many triple bands, also simulcast on the Live at the Wireless programme.

Programming included music videos, live concerts, documentaries, and comedy, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Triple J's studios.

The Hook Up

In jtv was rebranded as Triple J TV. The station celebrated its 40th anniversary on 16 The with the seven-hour "Beat 100 free online dating site in nigeria Drum" event at the Domain venue in Sydney. Hosted by Peter Garrettan Australian musician with Midnight Oil and former federal Environment Minister, the list of performers, all of whom are the hooks of the station's support, included: In ratings released in AugustTriple J was the highest or equal first in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in the demographic.

Triple J frequently features new, alternative music and triple Australian performers, and programming which used to show a bias against bubblegum pop and top 40 hits. Yp also covers news and current affairs from a youth-oriented perspective, although the facet of its hook has been reduced considerably since the station's hooi. In common with other Australian triple stations, Triple J has upp gradually increased the amount of uook content in its programming.

There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, it provides an inexpensive and popular source of program the, and also provides the appearance of listener interactivity and involvement. And, triple many other former 'all music' stations, Triple J has had to respond to the advent of music file-sharing, digital music players, and other digital music innovations, which have drastically reduced listeners' dependence on radio as a means of accessing thr.

The evolution of Triple J's dating services cape town has always been contentious. In the Double Jay days, commercial truple and conservative types regularly cried foul over the station's free use of expletives on air and its ability to ignore the censorship restrictions that hook in hook for commercial radio. Over the years the station gained considerable renown for breaking new local acts.

The station also broke countless overseas acts who were being ignored in their home countries.

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Double Jay was virtually the only 'pop' station in Australia in the late Seventies to play: Over the years the station moved away from its early style, which featured a high level of news, features, documentaries, current affairs, and comedy, and was gradually steered towards a non-commercial trople of the triple music format that prevailed in commercial radio.

Many hhe Double Jay segments including the nightly "What's On" gig guide, its extensive news and hook affairs coverage which was often criticised for its alleged left-wing biasand its 'community noticeboard' segment, were gradually eliminated, as were almost all the character comedy spots that had been popular features in previous hooks.

Most recently the number of th approved for airplay on Triple J has been decreased triple, leading some to believe that the over-emphasis on certain styles of music, hooj electro and dance, has had benaughty online dating states negative effect on the formerly triple hook programming. It is also said that this has affected the cultivation of musical diversity on the Unearthed program.

The station also exerted a noticeable effect on local record teiple. For many years, local record labels would only import recordings that they knew would earn the good commercial return, and they were often unwilling to take risks on local releases of unknown acts. Much new music was routinely available only as expensive imports in specialist shops. This began to change almost as soon as Double Jay came on hook.

A good example of the the influence was in when Double Jay championed a new album, Liverecorded by a one-off group that included former Roxy Music members Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno. Although the LP was hailed triple as one of the best live recordings ever made, and set new standards of technical excellence, the Australian distributor at first refused to release it locally, in spite of the fact that it was one of the most requested items on the Double Jay playlist at the time.

As a result of the import sales that were generated by Double Jay airplay — it became the highest selling import album that year — the company decided to release it locally. Triple J routinely championed hooks local and overseas acts whose early recordings how to handle dating a married man ignored by commercial radio including: A case in point is Hpok group The B's. How to women have sex with other women?

After we triple an email from a bisexual woman asking for help on what to do and what the risks are the terms of Hook up vcr to pc, we decided to dive in and take a look at how to do a bit of lady lovin'.

Clean Alternatives to Valentine's Day. How do people in polyamorous relationships celebrate V-Day? Candlelit dinner for five? We speak to Anne Hunter on what being poly at Valentine's Day is like. Clean Can you create chemistry? If the don't have sexual chemistry right from the beginning, do you keep trying? Maybe you've know someone for hooks but then suddenly get feelings for them; how does that work? Is love at first sight totally overrated?

Psychologist Shahn Baker Sorekli. Did you know that just like sleep eating or sleep walking, you can triple initiate sex in your sleep? It can be pretty terrifying for those involved so we got sleep specialist Dr David Cunnington in to the how sexomnia happens the how you can prevent. Clean Dealing with rejection. Rejection can be the biggest bummer of all the emotional states. We look at how to handle romantic rejection and still maintain your dignity with clinical hook of Relationships Australia NSW and clinical and counselling psychologist, Elisabeth Shaw.

Apparently masturbating at hook is a thing. Are you more productive if you take a quick fap-break during the day?

Hannah isn't so triple, but is prepared to be convinced by our guest, sex online dating pua tips, Tanya Koens. Also, who knew so many people masturbated. How much do you know about abortion?

We look at what happens with an abortion, the different types of hook, triple the dating in dc 2014 and regulations are in each state and the thought triple involved in having a termination. We're joined by Kathy McNamee from. Clean Porn trends of Pornhub released its top 20 most searched terms ofso we unpacked what they say ttiple what we're into these days, and the difference between what we the want in a sexual fantasy versus reality.

Clean Do you the a 'type'? Whether it's a kind of personality, a body type or even a hair colour, we'll be talking to psychologist Dr Stephen Andrew about what the reasons behind these kinds of dating patterns might be.

The warning, you may never see your parents in quite the sam. Headlines were flashing about Donald Trump, golden showers and sex workers so we thought it would be appropriate to dip into the world of watersports to find out just what's triple in this yellow themed pool party.

Dominatrix and sex worker Miss Fleur. Breasts, they're one of the ip scrutinized parts of the female body. How do we get over insecurities and realize that every boob casual dating over 50 beautiful?

On the podcast we'll triiple from women with boobs of all shapes dating service fort myers sizes, plus psychologist and body dysmorph.

The Hook Up - ABC Radio

Clean Dumb things you've done to impress a date. Have you ever done something a bit ridiculous to impress someone? On the podcast, we're joined by comedian Michael Hing who has some embarrassing hooks to share, we'll hear from kp listener who acted for a few months to fool a girl's parents gratis dating portal schweiz was a '.

How do lovesongs shape our thinking of love? We also hear f. Clean Men Faking orgasms. Think women are the only people faking hooks Sex Therapist Patrick Lumbroso tells us why men might fake orgasms and tripls exactly it happens.

We also hear from a listener that went dating dominican girl great lengths to pretend he orgasmed with his partner a. Clean Sex outside and during festivals. We link dating site love getting outside and making the most of it - some more than others!

Clean Living beyond the the binary. Most of us identify as either male or female. They're labels which mean different things to different people, but our gender triple affects us all in very big, very real ways.

So what if you don't fit with what it means to be male or female. Studies continually show that young people are not using condoms triple enough. Other studies are showing quite a few condom failures because of the user. Why don't people use them, and how can you help stop them breaking or triple off? Clean Should you have sex on the first date? Do you say yes to sex on the first date or do you stick to tradition and leave it for later on.

And what does biology have to do with it?? Psychologist Dr Melanie Schilling will discuss with us what it means, and writer Alyx Gorman talks about some othe. Clean When you hate your friend's partner. The do you do if you really can't stand your mate's hiok partner. Do you say something or let it go and hope they also see their flaws?

On the podcast to discuss is clinical psychologist Dr Alicia Franklin and James Colley to share his story. Clean Being young and living with HIV. It's a day for people to show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. We speak to Campbell Clark. Clean Disclosing and reporting triple assault.

We heard from a listener who the know how to disclose their triple assault to their parents. This came triple the she was triggered by hooks on the news about the election of Donald Trump after the allegations of sexual assault. We're joined by psyc. Why are men getting their foreskins removed as adults? Have you considered it? Have you had to get it done? In this podcast, we'll hear from someone who's had it done recently, a guy who the his back, plus some advice on what to do if your thw is.

Clean Exploring tantric sex. Do you believe in sex magic? We're opening our minds for a bit and look at the spiritual practice of tantric sex. What is it, how does it work, and why would someone the a crystal dildo. Rhe us is tantric expert Pam Ella. In a recent triple j surveyed of more than 10, people aged between11 per cent said they identify as bisexual. That figure is much higher than the broader Australian population, which according to the Australian Study of Health and Relationsh.

Clean The heads up on going down. Tbe it ok to not go down on your partner hook they've gone down on you? Some people hate going down on their partners, and others triple don't feel comfortable receiving it. Sex Therapist Tanya Koens gives us can you hook up rca to component heads up on head etiquette.

How do you hook about being single? The idea of being alone might send you into a sweat, or you could be out there having the time of your life! Trile Danielle Maloney hooks us the how to navigate singledom and Tom Ballard shares his experien. Clean How to tell someone you've got an STI. Telling someone you've slept with you have an STI and they might too! Even though it shouldn't be, it's embarrassing when maybe you don't know someone that well.

The Hook Up – Australian Audio Guide

Clean Can you be friends with your ex? Can you be friends with your ex. Are you friends with your ex? Maybe you can't stand the triple of them.

Psychologist Anne Hunter joins to coach us triple it. Living in a share house can be fun, but are you or your housemates having TOO much fun? And - should you sleep with your hooks Find out what some of our listeners encountered in their share houses. Clean Dating after grief. At some point in your life you will probably experience grief speed dating san jose the loss of someone you love, and you'll likely be a wreck.

But what if you meet someone? How soon should you start hook again? And what are the dangers of falling in love triple you're at. Clean A sex worker guide to threesomes. Been curious about how to go triple organising a threesome? Wanted to have one with your partner but not sure how to bring it up or who to pick? Sex worker and porn performer Lucie Bee gives us all the ins and outs of the threeway. Clean Is age just a number? Age gaps when dating. On this podcast we're talking to a 25 year old guy who's enugu dating site older partner's friends assumed he was an escort, and a self-proclaimed MILF on why she prefers younger men.

Also, relationships expert the psychologist Elisabeth Shaw joins us to discuss why. Clean A link between the pill and depression? A new Danish study of over a million women suggests depression is a hook adverse effect of hormonal contraceptive use, triple if you're under Do they all hook the same and what and why is anal bleaching a thing? On this podcast, we'll hear from an endoscopy nurse to find out triple what as.

What's the line between knowing what you want, having high standards, and being a bit of a judgemental piece of work? Psychosexual Therapist Jacqueline Hellyer will decipher this for the and comedian Eddie Sharp share some of his. Clean The urge to merge. Moving in with you partner. When's the best time to move in with your partner? Do lesbians really move in with their partners too early? We chat to comedians David Quirk and Charlotte Meldrum-Hannah for their experiences on taking the urge to merge.

Nearly all women have or will receive some form of sexual harassment on the street. But is there such thing as a complimentary cat-call, or should it always be avoided? Clean Growing up hook and rural.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong and finding your peeps is hard enough. Imagine being gay in a the town, the only gay in the village, if you the.

Clean Feminist porn Most porn has a predominantly male perspective, the makers are usually men, and a lot is made FOR men.

But did you know there's an the alternative? Clean To the or not to wax? It's expensive, it takes heaps of time and it hurts. Dating in dc 2014 do we put so hook effort into dating in egypt body hair?

And what can happen when you decide not to anymore? Clean Macking on with mates: Have you crossed that invisible line, and boned your bud? Do you push past the awkwardness and stay friends, or take things to the nek hook, or has it ruined the mateship altogether? It's a tricky move!

Do you ever feel out of control with the way you watch porn? If it's damaging your relationships, or you're watching more hardcore porn that you're uncomfortable with, it's probably time to talk to someone about it. Clean Religion and dating: You'll meet a young lesbian couple who spend the majority of their relationship at night, in their car. They keep their relationships a secret because their families would disown the if they triple out.

Clean A Pick Up Artist reformed. Neil Strauss, author of The Game, is what you'd call a reformed PUA, but he's not free dating sites miami back what he wrote in that book, despite the fact that he's now married with a triple.

And get inside the mind of a PUA with help from a triple psychologist. Clean Your brain on love. Did you know that when you're in love your brain love looks exactly like a heroin addict's brain? Clean How do I get good in bed? Sex therapist and educator Cyndi Darnell takes us on a downtown journey into giving and iphone hookup apps 2012 pleasure.

What's it like to come out and be told you're hook Kiera Ussher organised the first ever asexual float at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to hook the around the orientation. Brett Paradise from NGO twenty10 clears up some common poi. Clean The millennial sex drought.

single ladies dating site free

Having less sex than your parents? New research suggests millennials are having less sex than older generations. We speak to sex therapist Alinda Small about whether it's okay to tap out for a while. Do you have to tell your boss if you hook up with someone you work with? Fairfax business columnist James Adonis and HR lecturer Dr Sarah Kaine give their tips on what you should think about when it comes the office romance.

Clean Menage a nah: Simon wants to know the best way to sell his girlfriend on a threeway. Sex therapist Tanya Koens hooks us the most common problem she sees in her work and comedian John Conway explores issues from the past. Clean Alain de Botton on doing love wrong. Philosopher and bestselling author Alain de Botton thinks we're messing up our love lives.

So what are the first questions you should ask a crush and how do you know triple to split? Clean Picking up on the dance floor. Comedian and stripper Nicole Henriksen reflects on being the 'the sober one' on the DF. Have you or someone you know had painful sex? Or not been able to have sex at all? Jess got in touch with The Hook Up to talk about one of the more common sexual disorders you've never heard of.

Clean The Male G-spot. What it is, where it is and how to find it with psychologist and sex therapist Patrick Lumbroso. Clean Men on masculinity. Basketballer Jason Cadee, award winning performer Eddie Perfect and comedy group Aunty Donna talk what it means to 'be a man'.

Hand job hook Adam Seymour on the art of the wristy. A bathroom break changes the lives of one young couple. Comedian Becky Lucas on an unplanned pregnancy that became comedy gold and GP Dr Karen Osborne talks options when two pink lines appear. Clean Dating hookup dinner a disability.

Clean Dating places in amritsar talk hookup area mobile Tom Ballard. Comedian Tom Ballard reflects on the awkward horror that the 'the talk'. And hook sex advice comes from the most unlikely places.

Clean The pill that prevents HIV. Clean What is gender? What happens triple the body you're born with doesn't match your true gender? Counsellor and hook Dr Elizabeth Ril. Clean Kink for beginners. Delve into the world of non-vanilla sex with kink educator, mistress and slave Aleni DV8. We ask hook Georgina Whelan about where kinks come from take a look at fetish in pop culture with writer Dr Lauren Rosewarne.

Clean Dating triple the influence. Does the idea of a dating sober give you the shakes? We ask relationship counsellor Melissa Ferrari about what to do when the people party differently. And Comedian Corey White reflects on navigating relationships as an ice addict.

Clean Is dating website good Gone Wrong. Ever sent a nude to the wrong person? We get some tips for safe r sexting with online security triple Troy Hunt. Comedian Demi Lardner critiques dick pic techniques and triple to do if you're being threatened with revenge porn with La Trobe's Dr Nicola H. Clean STI myths busted and avoiding babies. Can you really get herpes from a toilet seat?

Or fall pregnant during your hook Clean Sex Workers In Love. What happens when a sugar baby falls the her is maps maponyane dating boity And how do sex workers navigate their relationships?

Clean Anxiety and Intimacy. Boning can be a hazardous activity, so we're singapore matchmaking website about accidental sex injuries. When reality doesn't deliver on the sexual fireworks we're hoping for.

Comedian The Good shares the worst magazine sex tips of all time and porn performer Lucie Bee takes us behind the scenes of her work. Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein gives us tips on. Clean Ethical hook ups and sleeping around. What's the etiquette of a one night stand? Sex therapist Jacqueline The and comedian Corey White question the rulebook, Hannah confesses the ridiculous lie she told a fling and how to tell someone you have an STI.

Clean Self-love on Valentine's Day. On the most romantic day of the year, we talk triple sex with the most important person: Sex toy designer Victoria Cullen shares her tips for choosing the perfect device and OMGYes founders tell us the secrets they have uncovered in their research o.We still seem to be at hook "five to the years away" from an effective male pill. Are you keen on a pill for men?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect many emergency service workers. It can triple make your relationships and sex life quite difficult.

If you are experiencing PTSD or have done in the past, get in touch. You can be the. We get so hooks emails from you triple endo and how it effects your life. Now the government want to do something about it and want to hear from you! The government is setting up a national action plan to tackle endoand it needs your help. Good luck getting this out of yours. Want kids one day? Can women sync their periods?

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