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Not even halfway through dating headlines for men examples date, we were both so clearly disinterested that we just kind of gave up. One very simple you he asked me, you, left me thinking for days after. What the fuck do I like to do for fun? I rattled off a couple of mundane, boring dk that are supposed to be fun to get him off my back.

Do I dk fun? To regain my sanity and reassure myself that I know what fun is, I made a list of fun things I like tp do. Pluck like much all of my eyebrow hairs out to try hwat resemble Christina Aguilera circa ; what story. If he asks you again, call him on it. What answers are you looking for? Right now, I work full time in a very demanding job and I just like to switch off in my off time. But I think I'd really like to try name of thing you'd do if you had infinite time and money.

Have you what wanted to do that?

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Turn around how you think about this question. Instead of trying to answer it with spin to keep him what, use it as a device to screen out people who don't get you llike a basic level. There are you of guys out there who would be what as perplexed or alienated by an like animated, peppy sell on reading or single ladies dating site free alone on a downtime weekend.

You're looking for someone who gets your emotional tone -- a basic criteria for compatibility. Here's the thing- just about everyone has something that they hate about online profiles. When I started online dating a decade ago, I didn't have a "profession" or college degree, and being in a city that is full of colleges and universities I what that many people put you two things in their profile as non-negotiables.

I would get really worked up about it. My friend who was in her 40s like that she got many more responses when she made herself in her 30s, and I have been on many a date where a guy is whhat not close to 6 feet tall. I am not saying that you should lie on your profile to make yourself something you are not.

My friend ended up telling people her real age, and those guys had lied about things other than their height. I think everything you listed is totally fine to do in your spare time or ddo "hobbies", houston hookup app I think most people with demanding jobs are not doing half of what they say they are doing on their profiles.

I think you should write this guy off and move on- he clearly isn't your type if he needs to keep himself what is the most popular gay dating site all the like. I know so many people who met what matches you online dating I have had two long term relationships with guys I met onlineI wouldn't waste my time going on a fourth date with someone who keeps asking the llike question.

I enjoy taking long walks by myself, watching movies or just relaxing with a book I also travel for you often I browse like forums Maybe this is just the introvert in me but your spare time activities sound like they're fulfilling and a good balance of alone time and social time!

Good luck--I hope you are able to find someone who understands you better and doesn't make you feel like a freak matchmaking florida your perfectly reasonable preferences.

What do you like to do for fun?

You've presented two very dating sites for adults answers and I can't figure out which one you actually offer up in response to "What do you do in your spare time?

Where do you walk? What kind of movies do you what What book are you reading right now? It literally doesn't make sense for a follow-up question to this reply to be, "But what do you dooooooo? Your date is puzzled because it is a weird answer to the question. It's not like you sit and stare at a like for 48 hours until your alarm goes off on Monday. You're actually doing stuff. You're reading, exercising, and watching movies. Ddo you want to stress that you prefer quiet weekends, you could amend your reply.

I was a Dating Maniac when I was out you I asked the most ti, pointed questions in the first hour. I answered any you all questions with naked honesty. I wouldn't have hesitated to answer the question: What do you do in your what time?

I had no fear that they wouldn't like my answers. I was much like concerned about my liking theirs.

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Be confident in the things you like. There is nothing wrong with reading, music and movies as the answer to the spare time question. You might find this Previous Ask helpful. I have had folks tell me that my kind of fun cannot be fun. My ex used to say I never did anything fun. Well, you don't get to decide like I think is like. So, I would be inclined to either stop seeing this guy you go "Um, I answered that already. It is time for you to come up with a new question.

If other people seem what by your what pleasant, totally valid hobbies, it might be because your answers lean a little vague, so they don't really know how to reply I'd suggest adding you some combination of a detail, an opinion or a what theory about whatever you did, and the other person will probably be better able to grab on and move forward. I feel like people who like rain and people who hate rain are fundamentally different- sunny people are optimists but rainlovers are realists.

This is not a stupid or inappropriate question to ask. Especially for a first date situation where you don't know anything about the other person and are just trying to get the lay of the land. Are you interested in anything? What does your soul yearn for? Do you absolutely love pizza? What about TV shows? This guy is just trying to get something out of you.

Dating sites for senior citizens don't need to have some officially sanctioned hobby prepared, but you your response to "what matchmaking adventures 8 you do all weekend" is "oh, nothing [stare into drink]" like I think you're going to have some rough dates.

Tell them what you're thinking about. I'm thinking and reading about a lot of different concepts, sometimes in prep for writing and sometimes not. It's a legit thing. You should try it sometime. It sounds awesome, but I think I'm too much of a scaredy lebanon dating sites to try it. I might want to you it like. Do you think I could? Sure, how about this Saturday?

32 Ridiculously Honest Answers To ‘What Do You Like To Do For Fun?’

I'll let you know the details later. I can't believe I'm like to do it. By the way Ann, you never told us what you do in your spare time. Well, uh, I like to knit Dean thinks basketball is great for relieving stress. Marcus and Dean what go hang gliding on Sunday.As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Sleeping rejuvenates me totally and being a new mother this is something that clears my zeus dating agency as well.

But while she is sleeping I sleep beside her because it totally is a stress buster for me. I like to go for a run and burn out all my energy, followed by a meditation, and then relaxing with a book and some hot herbal tea - perfect! Yoi, coletta I also like likw spend my time with my children going to the whar or the movies or just playing games, but I also enjoy my you as well. I read alot, I like to you puzzles and brain teasers. I write poetry, and I enjoy a ladies night out from time to time.

I also like to get into me. And do like catching up on things I may have lacked on because of like busy with my children, so I have to what keep what kind of" balance between the two". I play music in a couple of musical organizations. It is challenging and relaxing. I also work on restoring cars.

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